Gabriella is a young Melbourne-based fashion designer with sustainability at the forefront of her designs. Growing up in a regional Australian town and alongside the beach, it is Gabriella’s mission to make sure these environments are protected and preserved. This is reflected within her designs using ethical materials and procedures. Design features such as volumized sleeves, various textures and gathering can all be found within Gabriella’s designs. She is heavily influenced by her travelling experiences, European art and architectural buildings and natural elements. In the future, she hopes to either develop her own business or progress into a sustainable fashion design role.

The Aquatics is a collection both inspired and dedicated to the ocean. Its aim is to create beautiful pieces that not only reflect the textures, colours and silhouettes of the ocean but promote sustainability and conservation. Each body within the collection is inspired by a different ocean element and its texture. Body one takes inspiration from the whitewash when waves crash down onto the sand. Body two takes inspiration from the coral reefs and the final body, three, takes inspiration from the sand which lays the sea floor. Each outfit within this collection is styled with a piece inspired by the sea anemone, a flower like marine animal.
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