As an emerging fashion designer graduating with my collection titled, High Society I have always been inspired by the use of fabrications and texture. Throughout my studies I have continued to experiment with fabric manipulation and the use of colour within my designs. I have also been largely influenced by streetwear and how commercial clothing can be brought in a high fashion light.Through intending to create timeless pieces that are made ethically with minimal harm to the environment, I hope to be a part of a positive shift to the world of sustainable fashion.

High society is a collection that merges Hollywood glamour and streetwear influence to better understand contemporary fashion. Inspired by styles and techniques of old couture meshed with unconventional streetwear fabrications the collection aims to communicate a modern approach to Hollywood fashion. In light of being more contemporary the collection aims to promote the use of sustainable fabrications in the fashion industry. This has been achieved through the use of a plant based leather and creating the collection out of up-cycled clothing such as t-shirts, sports jackets and denim. The use of up-cycled sportswear combined with draping techniques attempts to merge both concepts within my collection. 
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