Georgia Beyer is a Melbourne-based creative‭. ‬She trained as an events photographer before moving to Melbourne beginning her career in Creative Direction and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design‭, ‬Australia‭. ‬Her passion for design and ability to work well in fast-paced environments led her to pursue opportunities in the fashion industry‭.‬
Her work is known for its use of strong colours‭, ‬layered textures and circular motifs in both fashion and interior spaces‭. ‬Georgia has an affinity for creating extravagant‭, ‬playful bold sets‭, ‬allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in her worlds‭.  ‬

A vacation lifestyle is featured alongside resort wear in Venture‭, ‬a fashion editorial‭. ‬Inspired by holiday destinations‭, ‬travel‭ ‬and postcards‭, ‬she invites the audience to immerse themselves in the story‭, ‬entering a world gone on holiday‭. ‬
The editorial‮'‬s desirable lifestyle is illustrated by entertaining‭, ‬adventurous‭, ‬and‭  enlightening moments designed to captivate the reader‭. ‬The editorial features high-quality resort attire‭, ‬comprising garments hinting towards adventure‭, ‬with unique pieces‭ made by up-and-coming designers to complement the looks‭. ‬The viewer is encouraged‭ ‬to admire the effortless and fun‭  ‬garments‭, ‬ready to whisk them to the destinations they crave‭. ‬
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