Georgia Devine is an emerging creative specialising in styling, digital rendering and photography.  Raised in rural Victoria, Georgia recently moved to Melbourne to pursue her design career goals. 
Georgia has developed a great love for fashion and incorporates her playful, feminine and textural aesthetic within her concepts and designs. Using bright colour palettes and youthful motifs Georgia has become known for her sense of humour and continues to push these ideas in her design concepts.
Appealing to a younger target market, Georgia has begun to develop a distinctive and fresh image within her work. In the future she aspires to work in fashion styling and content creation, striving to catch consumers attention and make them smile.

Girl VS Game is an innovative Fashion Editorial with a high-end take on retro arcade games, incorporating bright colours and custom pixel motifs. The editorial features different ‘worlds’ inspired by Pac Man, Super Mario, Galaga and Tetris which have been digitally rendered and merged with real life photography.
Georgia has collaborated with NakedVice, using a range of their bags and garments for Girl VS Game. Blue, Magenta, Orange, and Peach are the 4 key colours used to sell the concept and vivacious themes. Shot completely in studio, this editorial is a fresh look at different spaces that were created within a digital realm.
Girl VS Game is a fun and new concept for the fashion industry and will draw upon each viewer in different ways according to their lives. The individual feelings of nostalgia created is a way to connect with the consumer and celebrate the NakedVice pieces.

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