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My name is Grace Caruana, I was born in 2000 in Sydney, Australia. I was educated in the Blue Mountains at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School and St Columbas Catholic College. I achieved my Higher School Certificate in 2018 and from there I decided to continue my study by enrolling in a 2-year fashion design course at Whitehouse Institute Of Design in Surry Hills. My favourite subjects at school were art and PDHPE. From an early age, I dreamed of creating wearable art that would expand peoples imaginations on what could be possible for people to wear in the future. For 11 years I danced at LKM Dance studios from 2006 - 2017. Throughout my dancing career, I participated in a variety of dance styles including hip-hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap. I took part in dance competitions and concerts, and at that time I was exposed to costume design and diverse performance clothing. Whilst I was studying in high school I was presented with an opportunity to complete a Vet course at Whitehouse Institute Of Design which I took part in and completed in 2018. From doing this course I gained a strong passion for garment construction. In high school, I also participated in A Vet hospitality course which helped me develop people skills when I got to work alongside other individuals. My goals for the future is to design supercars and fashion garments and create my own brand of supercar that exceeds peoples expectations of what a car be.
My runway collection is based off technology and evolution. I gained inspiration from European supercars such as McLaren and Lamborghini. My intention was to create a runway collection that is powerful, striking and mystical. The garments include metallic colours of gold, chrome, purple, grey, orange and pink to represent the coat of paint found on the body of cars. The design is sleek and uniform with both symmetrical and asymmetrical detailing. The garments are designed to make the model look independent and dominant. The garments are meant to appear as if they are made of metal. This is a collection for Spring / Summer.


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