My name is Rejjie -  byrejjie is my the conglomerate of my design work and brand. For a long time my growth and work has always been developing and the aim of the brand is to put a spotlight on my personal growth in design. Byrejjie clothing is mainly print work, however dabbles in sewing and Garment production. Although for the most part the design ethos of my brand is taking something that exists, or an idea and using my own design language to elevate it. 
Aside from making clothes byrejjie is multifaceted. I’ve genuinely always been fascinated with clothing, fashion and particularly the marketing campaigns that surround them. In reality this brand name covers all of my work in design. The brand itself covers; Styling (fashion and costuming - specific to my work), Graphic Design (A lot of the campaigns revolve around concepts through Graphic design), Videography (Strongest Suit), Creative Direction (This encompasses all of my work), Photography (The use of photography/videography is an essential part of all of my design work). Through all of these outlets my goal is to become a celebrated multifaceted Director in the Design Industry. 

Have you stopped growing is the design ethos behind my whole brand. Holistically the phrase is used as an all encompassing question, eg. have you stopped growing - Spiritually, mentally, physically, artistically, socially etc. But more specifically in the context of the brand byrejjie (my own brand) it is meant to be a documentation of self experiment. For me personally I feel like my design language and work is always developing. So byrejjie which is originally a clothing brand has turned into the visual representation of my design growth. The concept behind my work is that through my growth a few visual keys that run through everything I have worked on is the layout/colour-scheme/typography of the Adobe Suite, the Mac book and byrejjie. Through all my work I’ve become somewhat multifaceted in my work. I excel in Video and Print so they will be what my signature project is going to entail. A newspaper live on exhibition as well as a short film that represents the whole project. 
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