Hayley Saunders is an emerging Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist, who values authenticity in design and shines a light on the beauty of all things through a conceptually visual lens. Her style can be described as nostalgically surreal; and she depicts this through her innovative and purposeful use of raw textures and focus on balance and contrast. Her design philosophy is characterised and transcended by her desire for fresh, forward thinking creative outcomes that still recognise the importance of archival roots and nostalgia in contemporary design. She hopes to contribute this unique perspective to the industry today.

Perspective Project is a fashion editorial that explores the fusion of boldly fresh and comfortable design aesthetics. This trend is showcased through the use of  knitwear and metallic silver texture. The Mini Fashion Editorial breaks down barriers between fashion and real people; dealing with society's desire to dress their best at all places and times, whilst remaining on trend and comfortable. Knitwear and silver can both be considered to have lasted the test of time, being celebrated through abundant eras of history. Both embody raw beauty and delicacy whilst appearing almost directly opposite visually. Perspective Project juxtaposes these textures, honing on knitwear’s relatable and universal nature ; and the platinum, and forever modern elegance of silver. As Gen Z steps forward we see a celebration of this aim to become fashion forward whilst holding onto core needs of reliability and sustainability. Perspective Project offers a way of transcending these ideas into the industry today and in the future.     
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