Henrietta Kamara was born in the Republic of Ghana and immigrated to Australia at the age of 6. She was raised by her grandmother, who heavily influenced her growing up. During her childhood years, she watched her grandmother and aunties design garments that they would sell to provide for the family. That is where her love for fashion and craftsmanship derived from. At the age of 8, she received her first doll, and begin experimenting by creating mini outfits for it. Kamara was hesitant as she was very doubtful of her skills and abilities, but through the encouragement of her older brother she decided to pursue a career in fashion by studying at one of Australia’s leading design colleges, Whitehouse Institute of Design, Sydney. Kamara currently freelances designs, is an avid photographer and creates illustrative work. Kamara’s design philosophy is to design comfortable, contemporary well-made designs accompanied by stories that are relevant and effective. She is the creator and designer of FK Salee, a brand that composes of gender-neutral silhouettes. The brand incorporates both modern-day trends of streetwear fashion along with well-made historical elements of designs. Kamara is skilled in both digital illustration and hand methods. Her future goal in the fashion industry is to become the first female African Australian fashion designer with a fashion house that will be respected by future generations.
The three look of the collection ‘Into the Mist’ incorporate a contemporary approach mixed in with a modernise aesthetic, in- spired by Christian Dior The New Look 1947. Each silhouette celebrates the overpowering sense of femininity and masculinity. The hand embroidery of the weeping willow conveys the mysteriousness and the deeper emotional message of the garments. This collection highly focuses on the emotions of the mind and the way we view ourselves. The weeping willow symbolises hope and prosperity. The tree stands as a light within the darkness as each embroidery is done on black fabric. The collection ranges from oversized to well fitted silhouettes.
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