Raised on the coast of Mornington Peninsula, the designer is inspired by nature’s beauty and painting stories.
I would best describe my style as preppy, flirty and playful- something I could see myself or my friends dressing in. I focus on creating stylish, long- lasting pieces made ethically and sustainably.
The use of traditional silhouettes and colour blocking allows the wearer to freely express and style themselves.
My long- term goal is to achieve 100% sustainable garments through manufacturing and fabrication. I’d also like to give back to local communities when possible. And to prove this can be achieved without compromising quality and uniqueness.

‘Her Aura’ is inspired by the euphoric feeling of diving into the ocean on a summer’s evening. The glistening water surrounds you, the world becomes silent, life is bliss.
In this collection we see plenty of frills and pleating, vintage lace, delicate silhouettes, and freshwater pearls. Her Aura is a feminine collection designed for the female gaze. This collection shows hints of lingerie, bridal and night-out wear which work together harmoniously. The colour palette of white, neutral sandy tones and ocean blues represents the rawness of the coast.
To experience these feelings of peacefulness in our oceans, it is important that we preserve our environment. I have spent countless hours carefully selecting fabrication sourced locally from charity shops with a result of 85% of this collection being created from repurposed fabrics. It is our mission to educate the impacts of the fashion industry on our environments and oceans.
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