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Holly Dixon is an Australian Fashion Designer born in Sydney, Australia. Dixon studied at Whitehouse Institute of Design, majoring in Fashion Design and is currently freelancing design, pattern making and illustrative work. Her design philosophy revolves around the concept of reimagining the classic styles of fashion silhouettes and reworking them into contemporary pieces from different elements within nature all with a minimalistic edge. Within Dixon’s second year of university she created her own label named DXN which encompasses the inspiration of natural occurring specimens such as shells, leaves and sand that show fine detail, fluidity and structure, in combination with architectural components that present themselves as soft but still retain a strong structure. She also has been published on the cover of GMARO magazine for the October 2020 issue. Dixon is proficient in digital adobe suite, illustration, pattern and dress making skills her expertise lies within her ability to create complex, impressive designs within a simple silhouette. Her future goals within the fashion industry is to become a well-respected designer that creates collections that innovate and inspire futures trends and to challenge design philosophies of the time.
Soft structure is a 2021 Spring Summer collection inspired by structured elements found in nature. The combination of strong lines, arches and fluidity found in naturally occurring specimens in nature have stimulated the shapes, structure, silhouettes and drape elements in this collection. Cascading shadows found in nature bring a new element into the structures, causing a reimagined silhouette as the light moves; having a constant new structure being projected onto surfaces, as the garments are viewed each angle brings a new perspective to the piece making as it seem, a new shape from all directions. The soft neutral colours through the collection are a direct connotation to the biological beauty of nature, no added elements or tones to enhance.  


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