Holly Jennings is an emerging Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Holly’s design aesthetic is clean, considered and subtle as she has an attention to fine detail and creating harmony within her imagery. With particular interests in food and fashion styling, Holly takes inspiration from growing up with her family in the restaurant industry in Hobart, Tasmania. Her design often takes a classic, elegant style and mixes it with some elements of contemporary design, such as textural paper, in order to create a more versatile look. Often using a monochromatic colour palette this creates cohesiveness within her images and design. Holly has future plans to expand her design knowledge by establishing herself in London, UK.

Allure is a food and fashion editorial, exploring the world seafood and the fish market. In a series of unique images, Allure looks into the ugly and the beautiful of seafood. Capturing the crossroads of high fashion and seafood, pairing them together in a way that just makes sense. Unpacking the textures, shapes and colours involved in it, equally celebrates fish and fashion, highlighting knits, slivers and plastics.
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