Holly Sheehan is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. In 2022 she achieved a Bachelor of Design specialising in Creative Direction and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Having grown up in a small coastal Australian town, Holly’s artistic output reflects her passion for the settings that shaped her. A majority of Holly's inspiration comes from the natural forming landscapes of Australia, where she translates the shapes and patterns found in the environment into her imagery for fashion, food and interior styling. With her fine attention to detail, neutral colour palette and earthy textures her style can be described as minimalistic, timeless and refreshing. Holly’s love for fashion, nature, and travel can be seen translated into her works where there is a fuse between coastal landscapes and luxe.

“Sea Scape” pays tribute to the Australian landscapes and is an exploration of one’s innate connection to their surroundings, as explored through landscapes translated into fashion. The concept has been driven by the influence of one’s home and the impact their environment has on them as well as the sense of comfort and inspiration that comes with feeling at home. The story is an ode to life by the beach and shows how landscapes can act as a creative catalyst. By exploring different coastal landscapes I have been able to bring to life the experience of living by the sea.
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