Hunter Wright is the lead designer and Founder of HJW Design. She created the brand to share her love of of design and creating art within Interior spaces and how incorporating high textures and patterns into work creates art.

Creating sustainable design work is something Hunter strives towards as a designer, she aims to create work that uses materials sourced correctly. Within design Hunter aims to create work that incorporates a contemporary style mixed with high textures and patterns to bring life to the space. She says that there is nothing scary about using pattern in your work, being able to create art through design is shown through materials and how you can bring them together.

Sydney Proper is a Boutique Hotel for the client Proper Hotels. The concept for this design is to represent the space the hotel is inhabiting. Through this, the space will be designed to enhance the feel of being in Australia and really grasping the location that this site is located in, I will be using the harbour bridge and opera house to influence use of curves within the design, bringing in the feel of Australia through use of aboriginal art and greenery.
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