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Putu Indah is a Balinese born Stylist & Content Creator known for her style aesthetic which celebrates the seamless blend of organic colour palettes and textures.
Many of Putu Indah’s influences of the Balinese culture and environments in which she immerses herself, are often re-adapted into her contemporary designs. Traditional patterns and textures are transformed into minimalist styled compositions and interior vignettes. She aims to convey a message of appreciation of refined beauty and simplistic pleasures. Similarly, her passion of sustainability has influenced her prominent use of natural variations of textures to highlight the importance of the environment in modern society.
Her extensive knowledge in various aspects of design have led her to an ever-growing personal creative inventory. Her portfolio exhibits not only her passions for interior and fashion styling but also her knowledge of photography, branding and illustration.
Putu Indah aspires to highlight the importance of supporting local designers and operate as a sustainable stylist.
‘Feels Like Home’ is a concept illustrating the theme of "slow living." The theme will be realised in a series of visual editorials that follow the journey of one’s day and the notion of cyclic living. Each editorial showcases interior styling in different parts of the home. 
Living a slower lifestyle can enable individuals to reflect and appreciate small beauties in their lives such as an environment and the way you can live. It will represent the leisurely tranquility and peacefulness of a gentle lifestyle.

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