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Isabella Evans is a Photographer and Creative Director, whose work encompasses the equine, fashion and interior styling fields. A minimalist aesthetic defines the avenue of her work, as she highlights the use of organic shapes, textures and tones. Not only does her passion for horses result in fine art photography, she has a great ability to communicate style and design, perfectly suited to the client’s brief. Her professional, mature and logical thinking comes as a result of numerous years involved with Regprom Marketing & Promotions & Evans Park Equestrian. She has assisted with the running of major specialty events across the country and overseas, in the fields of fashion, food and seasonal events.
The unmatched symbolism of a horse represents strength, beauty and freedom. 
‘Cavalia’ showcases the fusion of the Equestrian lifestyle with fashion, food & still life. This work encompasses a display of photography, styling and illustrative elements that incorporate the equestrian theme and love for horses. The influence of the outdoors and natural environment is showcased throughout, where the use of natural light and a play on crisp shadows can be seen. In terms of the elements within, high end fashion is contrasted with still life vignettes and close up equine images with food styling. An overall modern and minimalistic body of work is created, allowing the organic shapes, textures and tones to fuse together creating the aesthetic of ‘Cavalia’. Styled, photographed and produced by Isabella Evans Design.


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