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Originally from Brisbane, I grew up immersed in fashion and culture. From a young age, my parents taught me to appreciate art, fashion and culture. Fundamental lessons that have enabled me to form a diverse design personality. I had a very wide imagination, and would often spend weekends dressing my sister up in whatever material I could find around the house, inclusive of sheets, garbage bags, and much to my Mums dismay her favourite pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Throughout my schooling, I majored in Visual and Wearable Art, and competed at a variety of design competitions around Australia. I turned my love and passion for design and art into a reality when I made my move to Melbourne in 2019 to pursue my life long
dream of being a designer. I have quickly developed both my design and
technical skills, as I endeavour to create garments that appeal to both my arts
and technical design background. I have a great passion for all things complex and obscure and enjoy reinventing the boundaries of design within my own collections. This re-imagination has gained me great recognition within my
studies, receiving “Best Designer Finalist” of the Melbourne Campus for both
my first menswear collection in Trimester 3, 2020, and my first womenswear
collection in trimester 2, 2019.
My current collection, “REVOLT + INDULGE”, is inspired by the intricacies of the female form. The concept name is used to both shock and empower, inviting viewers to revel in the glory of female sexuality. The collection aims to inspire and highlight the natural features of the female body. Using muted flesh toned leather and high shine, sheer latex, in collaboration with Atelier Harlem, I have aimed to create a bold and contemporary collection of garments for the modern day woman. I have specifically chosen to create certain pieces in leather and latex to heighten
the metaphor within the collection, as the garments represent a second-skin, with armour like qualities, protecting us from the projection of the outside world. “REVOLT + INDULGE” is all about embracing female power, and reclaiming ownership of our bodies.


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