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My name is Isabella but you can call my Bella. I am a second year student studying Fashion design at Whitehouse Institute of Design and very passionate about all things fashion, that be styling, photography shoots and designing. I am a 20 year old girl who has a huge passion for fashion. 
From year 9 I had such a great opportunity to study such a well thought out studio arts course at The Geelong College and was given the chance to let my mind run wild and I believe strung fashion design for 7 years now and also being around such encouraging teachers, friends and family is where my love for fashion started. Being surrounded my whole life with such smart, passionate and encouraging people it has really shaped me into the person I am today, not only have these people consistently reminded me that I am good at what I do however, they are also there to tell me that its okay to make mistakes and have a few off days and being reminded of this so often makes me so good at what I study and want to do for a living. I am a girl who loves to work in a happy and positive environment, by being in such an upbeat environment I feel its where I strive to create, design and learn better. By being told I had a special eye and special touch for fashion by my design teachers at The Geelong College, I was able to come first place in the 2018 Fashion Awards Australia. Having won this just reminded me of how much I knew that the fashion industry was the right path for me. I would love to one day have a never ending career in fashion, weather that be working with people or even having my own business because I know thats where my heart lies within the fashion world. 
Bell is a concept where old meets new, new meets old and allegiance meets sexy. Bell is a concept heavily and deeply inspired by a mixture of todays fashion trends but also a massive amount of inspiration from the Victorian era silhouettes and shapes. I have always loved exploring the concept of “Volume” I think its a word with a lot of power and meaning behind it and most importantly it can stop a crowd of people if done right and that’s exactly my aim and goal through the concept of Bell. My ultimate goal whilst working with the concept Bell was for my garments to tell a story, a story of beauty and simplicity. Whilst portraying such simplicity through classical elements of designs throughout the collection I wanted these elements to not be outdated and of the past but to be of the present, through the way they speak to their audience, through the oversized leg of mutton sleeves, beautiful hand gathers, oversized bows and countless amounts of pure beauty through the simplicity of detailing. 
The concept of Bell is to capture those iconic shapes, silhouettes and detailing from the Victorian era, whilst still adding a modern sexy twist to it, reminding you and I just how deeply we can appreciate such beauty through well made garments. That is the concept of Bell. 


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