James Tolhurst-Close is a versatile designer and specialist garment constructor, based in Sydney, Australia. As a designer, he creates high-quality, sustainable lines that sit at the intersection of haute-couture and the everyday. His works feature asymmetrical, exaggerated silhouettes that arouse curiosity. 
His artistry is underpinned by historical contexts and contemporary culture, which he aims to incorporate in each work he creates. This philosophy is rooted in postmodernism, as James’ work creates pieces that subvert and challenge consumers and customers. 
James is passionate about education and training in the arts, where he mentors and guides tomorrow’s artists, encouraging and enabling them to unlock their skills as designers, creatives and performers. 

Textura explores and subverts different menswear and historical fashion archetypes, generating a fresh concept of trans-seasonal fashion. This collection investigates contrasts of texture and line, created with sheer and opaque fabrics. incorporating hand beading, the collection showcases pieces inspired by couture techniques and bravely creates extreme silhouettes suitable for any gender.
Heavily influenced by the crisp, neutral hues of brown paper, the collection’s palette is boldly framed by different black textures. the pairing has created softer, natural tones, that are juxtaposed against the visual and tactile finishes of Textura.
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