Jamie Cameron is an Australian fashion designer with a focus for creating unique, yet commercially viable, high fashion garments. With an appreciation for excess and innovation, her work reflects a keen interest in the true nature of individuality, emotional complexity and empathy. Jamie integrates personal experiences and literary influences into her garments to incorporate a sense of story-telling throughout her creations. With an interest in exploring universal human experiences, her works express a certain complexity of emotion - uncovering and questioning the process of self-discovery and expressing individuality.

'Beyond the Unknown' is a collection capturing the whimsy, nostalgia and innocence that comes with the freedom of childhood and the process of growing up. The frequent use of layering, as well as the inclusion of a unique, personally illustrated print, attract a wide variety of well-established creative visionaries, with an understanding of the unpredictable human experiences within a world that is yet to be fully understood. Beyond exploring this element of humanity, the collection strives to be crafted out of sustainable materials, and is made of a series of wool and cotton blends, achieved through a collaboration with the Australian Wool Education Trust.
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