Jana Pondevida is a Filipino-Australian fashion designer with an unapologetically maximalist flair. While she loves sumptuous meals, deep conversations and crime
and murder documentaries, it is fashion and art that excites her soul. Her exposure to Vogue magazine at 3 years old and her sheer fondness in dressing up and creating eventually led her on a creative path. As a designer, storytelling is the backbone of her process. It is vital for her to explore various themes and to communicate a story, a message or a sentiment through her work. Her design identity and signature design elements are rooted in juxtaposition of divergent concepts and materials. Always inspired by maximalism and sustainability, she aspires to create impactful and well-made pieces for spirited, confident and unique individuals with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and a penchant for vibrant but timeless forms of self-expression. 

Inspired by heritage and designed for contemporary, VISIBLE is an 11-piece resort collection that explores the Filipino culture and its multicultural influences in the context of global fashion. This collection is shaped through a blend of contrasts, emulating the multiculturalism from which it was inspired. The fabrics were handwoven by various indigenous Filipino weaving communities, in combination with deadstock fashion fabrics made from natural or recycled fibres and upholstery fabrics. The colours are warm and saturated and the prints are bold and geometric, a reflection of the vibrant Filipino culture. The silhouettes are clean and tailored but adorned with elaborate textures in unconventional materials with customised fabric manipulation techniques. VISIBLE celebrates and shares the designer's roots through her own visual perspective in fashion.
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