Jana Ulferts is an emerging multidisciplinary creative currently located in Sydney, Australia. Influenced by her passion for Visual Arts, Jana’s design practice has a strong focus on conceptualism and experimentation; often reflected through the exploration of nature and metamorphic narratives.
Having appointed influences from natural shapes and texture to inform the development of design motifs, Jana’s photographic work aims to portray a sense of reformation or reconfiguration, through a strong focus on shape, layering, and contrast.

Obverse is a conceptually driven series that aims to explore the similarities between natural occurring and man-made. Influenced by processes of metamorphosis, Obverse explores themes of protection, reconfiguration and decay symbolised through the textural focus on spikes, snakeskin, and burnt wood.

Having been influenced by the site-specific wrapped artworks by Christo and Jean-Claude, Obverse applies this same technique of wrapping to the body; through morphing and layering different materials to portray the idea of protection and preservation. 
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