Jasmin (Dawoun) Jung is an interior designer with a vision of creating spaces that tell a story through the influence of materials, colours, and textures. Driven by the idea that design can transform an individual’s mood and experience, Jasmin embraces the power of design by ensuring that everyone within the space is captivated by the surrounding beauty that delivers an immersive and interactive experience that leaves a trace of memory.

Allowing the design itself to capture the eyes of the viewer and sink into the uniqueness that the design holds, Jasmin believes the only way to move forward and think into the future is to break the boundaries and traditional standards placed upon the concept of design. Time is not slowing down for anyone which means everything around us is evolving and changing so knowing how to create a timeless design, is what harnesses its own creative identity.

We live in a society where certain standards and principles are placed on individuals just to fit within a community of people that don’t have much importance in our lives. Yet the words and thoughts that are either outspoken loudly or silently by these insignificant human beings, are what strive us, individuals, to further seek validation and attention. This very idea of standards, principles, validation, etc that are not set by our own beliefs is one of the very core factors of the rising rates of mental, physical, and suicidal awareness that are present within our society today.
The design direction of this project is to reflect a biophilic futuristic world that can harness an environment that provides security and comfort to those that immerse themselves within the space as the aim of this new Headspace Psychology Centre, is to ensure all clients are catered to their very needs.
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