Jeesu is an interior designer with a core design philosophy based around people focused interior design. Influenced by art, music and diverse cultural settings growing up in different countries, she is passionate in communicating interculturalism in her designs.
With a passion for incorporating spaces where community can gather and inspire each other, Jeesu brings an element of storytelling through a space with bespoke joineries and elements that are unique to the project.

​​​​​​​The philosophy in which the symposium is grounded in is to inspire, console and excite every single person who walks into the space. Fulfilling the client Simone Young's vision in creating a music hub for all musicians in Sydney where they can learn, pass on positive energy, support to each other, develop and evolve as a musician.
“Let’s scrap the classical music title for one minute. Good music, music of quality, should elevate, inspire, console, excite. It can push every emotional button, and that’s just for starters.” - Simone Young

The overall design for the Symposium integrates minimalistic art deco interior design style to embrace the heritage of the site, carrying the core concept of RIPPLE. Creating a comfortable, inspiring and functional space for the users with an extra attention on integrating acoustic control, the space of the symposium will be the anchor point in the trigger of musicians expanding and flourishing in the bigger pool of the music industry.
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