Jemima Fox is a designer who carefully curates’ interior spaces which transform you into a new perspective. Creatively influenced by street designers and artist, she finds a happy medium of luxury and industrial designs. She aims to find a new norm for high end and sophisticated spaces with a touch of edge and quirk to stand out. Through conceptual and minimal designs, Jemima creates venues that stand out in the industry. Filling the niche in the market, Jemima wishes to communicate her designs through retail spaces.

Supreme is known for providing their clients with unique and extraverted products. They started luxury streetwear accessories and designs which aren’t just defined by clothing. From collaborations with designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to Fender. They have curated furniture, sportswear, sports accessories, skateboards, artworks, the list is endless and forever growing.
Jemima is expanding Supremes’ clientele by having a brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Melbourne. Located at 39-40 Porter St Prahran, this store incorporates Melbourne’s best activities. With a minimal materials pallet and a punching pink colour pallet, this store has it all. There is a designer Skate bowl, Boozy Bar and an exceptional retail space.
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