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Jennisa Praditpusasin is a Creative Director, Photographer and Event Planner. Her passion for art and design started as a young girl in her native Thailand being surrounded and influenced by family who have an affinity for fashion design. Her aesthetic conveys a sense of elegance, vigor, freedom and tranquility. The social and cultural elements are rooted in her design outcomes from her diverse background of Chinese And Thai. Also, an influence of Australian design from her youth in Melbourne has helped shape her unique style. Jennisa’s portfolio showcases a range of skills from photography, film, branding, event planning, interior design, visual merchandising, graphic design and illustration.
Jennisa aims to create new experiences through Event Design and Planning, presenting her own creative work to the public through her Exhibition Event, ‘Exaggerate’. This exhibition transforms fashion into a form of art, combining sculptures, bright colours, texture and movement to capture consumers’ attention. ‘Exaggerate’ celebrates culture and tradition with the collaboration of local designers. The mix of Thai–Chinese cultures with contemporary design aesthetics are the heart of this creative concept.
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