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Jenny Lee was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia where her infatuation with fashion began after discovering the potential for self expression through design. She began experimenting with dressing up dolls at a young age and under the guidance of great mentors, further developed what was a fascination into a skill. Lee went on to study Fashion Design at Australia’s esteemed Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney.  
As a fashion designer, her contemporary creations have told the story of her own exploration of self and have featured a range of themes which she personally identifies with. Known for her artistic one-of-a-kind garments, Jenny Lee seeks to provide modern and minimalist designs for fashion-forward individuals and invites them to bring fourth their creative visions through the expression of style.  
In a phase of self discovery, ‘UNTITLED BLUE’ the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, draws from Jenny Lee’s personal family story. Child to a fisherman and his wife, ‘UNTITLED BLUE’ follows the idea of collaboration between mother nature and man made creations. Inspired by the organic  shapes and tones of ocean waves and rippling sea-foam, the association to the sea and to manmade mechanisms is encapsulated within the creative ingenuity and craftsmanship. 
Featuring a dark and grunge aesthetic through embellishment of cascading tassel chains and beads in a floaty manner reminiscent of industrial themes, the striking yet minimalist drape contrasts with the blunt elements of the garments to create a unified visual. 
Reinterpreting its concept elements to create a contemporary collection, ‘UNTITLED BLUE’ brings fourth the idea of rediscovery and is a reminder that garments can be intrinsically connected to an individual.  
UNTITLED BLUE was designed and made by Jenny Lee in Adelaide under quarantine.  


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