Jessica Davis is an upcoming designer graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, who takes inspiration from pop culture and futuristic features. In order to display her ideas, immersive textures and motifs are incorporated into her collections to create dimension and cohesiveness. She particularly likes to mix a sense of street style and sporty elements with a more traditional silhouette, whether this is through fabrication or internal design details. Her appreciation for Japanese animation and technology is implemented in her custom prints and digital illustration style. Throughout the course, Jessica Davis has gained great knowledge and experience regarding problem-solving and navigating the design process in order to create a unique and impactful final product.

The collection ‘LUCID DREAMS’ focuses on immersing the audience in a futuristic and technological experience. Various mediums and shapes are utilised to replicate the abstract silhouette of a butterfly, from cut-outs to draping. The unconventional substance of resin is applied in a pouring technique in order to create a chest piece that moulds to the body and adds a chromatic effect. The colour palette incorporates the WJSN colour of 2023 ‘Digital Lavender’, with forecasted corresponding colours including green, cream and blue. A vibrant orange has been added into finer features of the collection to create a strong and interesting contrast. An exclusive custom print is incorporated in each look to further highlight the liquified and organic shapes and lines of butterflies. 
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