Jessica Dooley is an emerging Melbourne based Fashion Stylist, Illustrator and Photographer. Passionate about women’s evening wear, Jessica specialises in product and fashion styling. Her work is heavily inspired by Melbourne night life and unique designs from the baroque period. Jessica’s design philosophy incorporates rich textures to create luxurious aesthetics, targeting high end consumers. Her design has seen lots of development over the past five years, where she has experimented with a range of colour stories, themes and textures. She has also been fortunate enough to collaborate with other creatives across Melbourne and rural Victoria, who have influenced her as a designer.

Jessica’s latest project ‘Glow’ is a Fashion and Product editorial, showcasing high end women’s evening wear. Her concept is derived by her fascination of Melbourne’s night life, as well as the design details seen in baroque fashion and architecture. Implicit and explicit visual references of a Safari aesthetic are consistent throughout the editorial. Rich textures and fabrics are also incorporated to support the story, along with a simple colour palette of warm golds, greens and black. Jessica has collaborated with Melbourne based fashion label, Ivory and Chain. A selection of their garments are presented throughout the project.

Glow is just the beginning for Jessica. Entering the industry she plans to continue working in women’s evening wear, and is eager to pursue her love of producing high end concepts and designs.
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