Jessie originally trained and worked as a visual merchandiser throughout retailers in Sydney Australia, later moving to London for the following two years to continue her passion of styling and window dressing. Now back in Sydney, Jessie continues to hone and develop her practice through freelance photography and creative direction.
Jessie’s practice encompasses fashion, beauty, lifestyles and interiors, with maximalist, off-centre overtones. Her work often features androgynous, gender non conforming models, “I believe there is nothing as enigmatic and beautiful than exploring the gender spectrum in fashion photography”.
With her recently acquired Bachelor of Design majoring in Creative Direction from Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia, Jessie plans to continue her freelance in collaboration with other diverse and emerging creatives in Sydney and abroad.

Catch Of The Day is an offbeat accessories and fashion story emulating the fish market culture, taking inspiration from both the aquatic nature of fish, and the scale textures that adorn them.
This story explores fashion, accessories and beauty through the lens of everyday fish, embodying the textures and common themes in how humans relate to fish. Often prized and deified in Central Asia, the collection of images aims to heighten the Western view of consumption toward the animal.
Anchored by a collection of PVC and glomesh garments, Catch Of The Day translates the animal form, to a high fashion human narrative - shot, styled and directed by Jessie Kennedy.
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