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Jocelyn Robbins is a multidisciplinary Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her inspiration is derived from the environment and the refined details within those natural elements. These components establish a link to the feminine accents often see within her work.
Her expertise in make-up artistry is supported by her skills in photography, graphic design, fashion, food and interior styling. Her creative projects are deeply considered and curated to generate meaning and evoke emotion. Her respect for different elements of design result in a clean, contemporary touch.
Jocelyn’s design is defined by her ability to communicate mood through her work and appeal to all the senses. Motivated by sustainability and diversity, she uses storytelling and visual impact to resonate with her audience.
‘Fern-weh’ is an Interiors and Food Editorial, which opens a window into another part of the world, in the comfort of your home. Drawing on inspiration from European cities, this concept extracts key motifs and colours of distant destinations, unlocking the consumers desire to explore. ‘Fern-weh,’ the German term for longing for distant places, brings faraway places into our own spaces, with a sense of elegance and playfulness. These postcards remind us that we may not be able to go to these amazing places but we can bring the memory or a promise of what will come next to our home, whether that’s through interiors, food or fashion.

FERN-WEH By Jocelyn Robbins

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