As a designer, I want to showcase rebellion and edginess by making fashionable wearable armor. I want my collection to showcase unruliness. I want to push the boundaries of fashion through dark concepts and bold design choices that showcase a narrative to each collection I present. While creating designs, I aim for one goal, which is wanting people to look at my garments and see something more profound, to watch a story unfold in front of their eyes. I like the audience to feel emotion while looking at my garments, look further than the clothing itself. 

While creating my recent collection, I was honored to have the opportunity to feature in Melbourne fashion week's student runway, which has been vital to learning more about fashion within the industry. I have talents in designing, illustrating, and digital technology. Coming from a background in different art mediums and being a competitive amateur boxer and state swimmer, I have learned the love of learning while also incorporating discipline, self-motivation, competitiveness, and passion for success. 
The collection focuses on The seven deadly sins and how it is a part of human nature. Everybody has felt pride, wrath, lust, sloth, envy, greed, and gluttony. The importance is how we learn to overrule those sins, how we learn from the mistakes of being human. The garments are designed to represent a contemporary version of female armor. Fabrics from latex to faux leather and hardware like chrome bullets, nipple piercings, studs, buckles, and more make women feel strong, sexy, and fearless. The garments' silhouettes play on the hourglass figure with techniques of tailoring and structure. The collection celebrates the imperfections we hide. We aren't born perfect and not born knowing the knowledge we learn as adults. We trip and fall, but we learn from the hardships. 
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