Jordy Cant studied photography before commencing her degree in design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Jordy has a vast interest in music and vintage fashion, which led her to the path of pursing styling. Her interest in sustainability became ingrained in her creative process, and she strives to be mindful of her environmental impact. The majority of her works consist of customising second- hand and vintage items, and incorporating her love of the 1970s and 60s aesthetic into interesting shoot concepts.

'Sound and Vision’ is a fashion, food, and lifestyle story that encapsulates the individualistic nature and unique aesthetics of artists in the 60s and 70s. This modern depiction of some of the most iconic album covers, sheds light on the resurgence of vintage-inspired design and how it still makes it's mark on the industry. This narrative focuses on conveying the personality, character, and vision of these artists beyond their sound. It includes a variety of looks that serve as visual descriptors for the music, and it demonstrates how it is translated through texture, colour, shape, and silhouette.
The popularisation of vintage clothing and trends from this era resurfacing has enriched our consciousness regarding sustainability and ethical consumption. All of the garments and materials used have been sourced second-hand from thrift and vintage stores, to highlight the vitality of working with existing items. 
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