Julia Sou is a Melbourne based Creative Direction and Styling graduate. Throughout her studies she has been able to identify her specialties and is known for her use of bold colours, futuristic themes and eccentric concepts. Sou hopes to one day work in the industry as a Photographer, Stylist and Creative Director to direct and coordinate campaigns and photoshoots. She has also always had a keen eye for detail. She is inspired by her favourite brands and designers and the way they curate the concepts for a collection. Sou’s work is a reminder of the importance of sense-of-play and brings back concepts that are fun and nostalgic to her audience.

Sou’s Signature Project is called ‘Andromeda Vol.2’ it is the sequel to her Formulae project which is the exploration of Extraterrestrial Femininity. The editorial features three looks and handmade dioramas that are other-worldly, each inspired by different planets in the galaxy. ‘Andromeda Vol. 2’ is a fun and exciting editorial that is reminiscent of vintage space comic books which feature garments from emerging graduate designers. Sou has taken inspiration from recent designers and how extraterrestrial concepts have become a trend on the runway. In the past, present and future, there has always been an imagination of what possible lifeforms are out there. Until we find the answer, there is no harm in playing with the idea…
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