Kate Loughnan’s work as a creative, stylist, photographer, print maker and illustrator explores the symbiosis of forms between humans and their environments, rich and organic tapestries of  materials, and graphics that marry energy and restraint, informed by a strong appreciation for traditional fine arts mediums. She explores image making through multimedia using illustrations, brush strokes, collage, digital and photography elements. Her breath of skills and ability to visualise conceptually can be applied to various design disciplines.

Sculpt analyses how two dimensional shape can visually represent three dimensional forms.
Through thoughtful pairings of photography and prints, a relationship between realism and abstraction is considered.  Demonstrating how different mediums can represent similar compositions, textures and forms that communicates the same sense of movement and softness. The nature in which the prints are created is fast and layered, often coming up with various iterations within the same sitting. Likewise the photography focuses on movement. This process translates into the outcomes of the work, capturing stills of fast paced actions. Whilst the mediums of photography and print are two dimensional, the work portrays a consideration for depth. The foundations of this body of work are inspired by research into Rorschach tests. A projective psychological test that examines how people perceive ambiguous forms and cast their own meanings and interpretations onto them. The test requires participants to view ink blotching cards and determine what familiar images they see within them. This understanding of semi-abstraction that is the basis for Rorschach’s is present within the final outcome, stylistically linked through the application of ink as a medium. Sculpt aims to convey a sense of harmony between all visual facets.

Garment Credits, Amy Cottrell, Rhiannon Kim and Lettisha Hall.
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