Katherine Baxter is an emerging Fashion Designer from the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Her philosophy is that design is never perfect. It is constructing elegant solutions to develop unique and innovative ideas. By adapting principles to create beauty in asymmetrical, askew designs, while developing harmony, contrast and balance. These principles have built a foundation of her design identity of timeless classic elements with a contemporary flair.

Her aesthetic is defined through voluminous silhouettes with a feminine colour palette. Colour psychology is a paramount feature in her designs to create fashion that evoke emotions of optimism and excitement, with a touch of facetiousness to her concepts. Her designs want to allow open interpretation and expression, to create personal connections for the audience.


‘Exuberant Coquetry’ explores elements of Rococo meets Old Hollywood.
The essence of the collection is the link of flirtatious behaviour of the Rocco and the glamour of Old Hollywood style. The collection showcases illusory and romantic attractive elements through draping, pleating, panelling, as well as transparency through fabric selection. The cheekiness known during this time is also depicted through the use of sheer fabrics and the luxurious elements of exaggeration. The soft fabric colours reflects the night sky, alluding to how looking at the stars helps us keep perspective and become nostalgic in our lives of a time of fun and playfulness.

Mesmerising modernity of Rococo and Old Glamour style, is associated with the rebellious and flirtatious identity. Themes such as playfulness, whimsy and coquetry, elevate the classical elements of the collection. The metal detailing explores the juxtaposed world of femininity with a hint of industrial masculinity. The exaggerated silhouettes play on the quintessential shapes, scale, line direction and proportions.

This collection combines classic elegance in a modern approach.
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