Kisha Tornea Vagi is a young creative who concluded her Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Kisha has a wide range of interest across the design industry, from food styling to portrait photography. Kisha’s main objective as a creative designer is to explore every possibility there is to bring life to her curiosities and serve justice to her ever active imagination. Kisha has been able to further develop her skills through her work at Whitehouse, experimenting in fashion, food styling/photography, interior styling/photography, event design and styling using history, art, and existing patents. Throughout these projects, each individual assignments required different roles to play and different set of skills to learn which has allowed her to become a multi-skilled designer. Kisha’s developments has displayed unequivocal character in style as she takes every process personal when creating.

“My sisters and I used to drive our mother insane with three girls running around, so she would come up with creative activities to distract us. My favourite was when my mother would take my sisters and I fortnightly for a shopping spree at the Salvos on Princes Highway with $10 each in our pockets ready to let loose in our playground. The ride home would be filled with talk of different accessories and clothing to adorn our prized dolls with. At home we would sketch little designs and begin to make outfits for our dolls with our mothers help. Growing up I had the opportunity to witness my mother go through many transformational changes in her life. I watched her learn to adapt and become who she needed to be. My mother taught Filipino Language classes at Tempe Primary School in 2007 and was deeply involved in multicultural events at school. A cherished memory of my mother representing our culture.”
'The many faces of a Gemini woman' is a portraiture story that revolves around strength, femininity & duality and Kisha’s root connection to design and the people who led her there. This magazine explores and studies a Gemini woman in all her forms.
This biographical portraiture reflects personality using organic handwritten shapes by the model through the typography. The direction of the lines in the fabric reflect the lines in the tribal tattoos applied to the model along with the use of draped garments, used to portray the appeal of larger garments in Spanish influenced era in the Philippines. The Elements of nature gracefully reflect and represent the lines and textures on the models skin to represent her root history/culture. This was created to highlight and embrace Josie Tornea Vagi in all the aspects that makes her who she is. This is an ode to Kisha’s mother, the strong woman who taught her that to create is to live and the catalyst of her design journey and her eternal inspiration.
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