Kyla Reynolds is a Sydney based Stylist and Photographer who has completed her Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Through her works as a designer, her objective is to inspire, encourage and evoke passion to an audience as well as showcase the coexistence of all art mediums, history and nature. Kyla is highly influenced by natural landscapes, textures, European fashion and history. She aims to create designs unique to the existing field through exploring the human condition while involving external world elements of nature and science, and the past societies that lived before us, harmonising them all into one entity and telling a story different to each viewer based on their experiences. Sustainability is something she is passionate about and implements throughout her work, rejecting the notion of fast fashion and rather showcasing quality and lasting designs.

“The New Woman” is a Fashion media story that encapsulates femininity through Victorian inspired clothing. The title stems from the reference of feminists in the Victorian era. It explores the co-existence between militant and ethereal concepts within the realm of femininity taking inspiration from militant references of the Women Suffrage movement, in contrast to the ethereal depiction of women within the Pre-Raphaelite arts. The Victorian era was rich in pivotal history that helped gain women equality, education, and political rights to which is now known as the norm today. The fashion story representing aspects of Victorian styling in a modern-day context pays homage to the women before us who have paved the slow but sure path to freedom and equality. The natural landscapes seen throughout reinforce the notion of freedom and further connects the reference to Victorian art, seeing that nature was a common art depiction throughout in this time.
The elements of nature further reflect the textures seen throughout the fashion garments used. The garments used throughout this Magazine show dramatic silhouette’s, layered textures, and ruffles, all of which combine to create captivating shapes and bold statements while taking inspiration from the elements of fashion in the Victorian period and implementing them in a modern context. This photographic story was made to evoke a narrative through clothing and context, evoking feelings of history and freedom. It targets women of all walks of life and encourages women to explore their fluid femininity.
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