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Kyra McInerney is a Melbourne based Creative Director and Photographer specialising in the fashion editorial discipline. After establishing a love for fashion styling at a young age she is committed to creating content that acts as a forecast of innovation and creativity. The aesthetics she introduces to her work have a refined, simplistic and organic approach to design and greatly influenced by her childhood growing up in the Northern Territory. Her mission as a designer is to create work that is expressive and emotive as well as interruptive in its conceptual nature. Her aesthetics also introduce notions of femininity and softness that are evident in her work.
‘Acacia’ is an online editorial spread and a sentiment of nature within a contemporary and refined aesthetic. This project is a fashion story, exploring the nostalgia of organic visuals in an untouched part of Australia.  
Its mission is to explore an idea of engagement that will be evoked from the utilisation of environment and backdrops, highlighting nature and contrasting this with fashion alongside an analogous colour palette. Three editorials, all with three different colour palettes, but similar in its purpose and morals, being a reflection of blending into the surroundings. This concept is symbolic both as a reflection of the times and also a reflection of how the Northern Territory makes you feel when living here. I want to transpose a feeling of celebration to nature and the backdrop.


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