Lily Grace Kennedy is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer and recent graduate of The Whitehouse Institute of Design specialising in Creative Direction and Styling. Almost her whole life, Lily has been known for her big imagination and artistic endeavors. She most enjoys illustration and collage to express her whimsical and nostalgic stylings. Lily is a big fan of horror movies, antiques, toys and music, all of which influence and inspire her and her work.
A movie description of her style would be a mix of two of her favourite movies, ‘The Descent’ and ‘Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion’. Lily’s broad taste and eclectic style allow for her to create and pair things together that others may not consider which makes her an unexpected and exciting artist. 

This project is an exploration of creativity with the purpose of manifesting authentic expression of self and style in a visual format. The message this project aims to put forward is to find the fun in day to day life. To play where you can no matter how old you may become.
Stretch your imagination and believe that you can create and become anything you want. Allow all versions of yourself to co-exist, you need not pick one lane. You are endless, you are everything.
Your life deserves to be embellished and adorned with things you find uniquely beautiful, free your spirit and please the inner child and do things for pleasure simply because you can.
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