Louise Armstrong is a Melbourne-based Creative Director and Stylist, with a passion for timeless design and experimenting with colours and textures in a contemporary way. Born in rural Queensland, Louise moved to the city to pursue her love for styling, photography, illustration and digital skills, and infuses her appreciation and eye for beautiful design into everything she does.
Louise maintains an exceptional attention to detail in her work, exhibiting both professionalism and creativity in all projects. She is trained as a multi-disciplinary creative, demonstrating expertise in fashion, beauty, food and interior design work and during her time at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, she has been awarded Designer of the Trimester. Her inspiration draws from nature and organic forms, as well as being informed by and interested in popular culture and the arts. Louise has a signature style that explores texture and colour relationships, and strives to find balance and beauty in the style she produces.

Kaleidoscope is a high-end daytime Spring/Summer lifestyle editorial that encapsulates a colourful, sophisticated and feminine design aesthetic. The word kaleidoscope means “to view a beautiful form”, and the concept behind the project is to celebrate beauty and live within the kaleidoscope by exploring and perceiving colour and light. Kaleidoscope is a modern editorial filled with texture and pattern, and the aim is to inspire the viewer by creating an enticing and immersive lifestyle through strong eye-catching photography and a bold colour palette of blues, pinks, greens and purples.
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