Lucy Hackett is a Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer. Born in Japan and raised in Melbourne, Lucy ís work is heavily influenced by her life experiences, values and observations. Focusing heavily on her bold aesthetic, Lucy creates work that is loud, authentic, chaotically considered but fused with integrity. Lucy has worked in fashion styling, food styling, interior design and event design but is most passionate within fashion. Lucy enjoys creating design that makes people feel better or makes the viewer giggle, she is all about expressing herself but in turn wants to create something bigger,
something that inspires someone to find the courage to express themselves in any way they choose.

'Pack A Punch' is a Fashion and Food editorial focused predominantly on finding the punch in life, targeted at Paper Magazine. Using exclusively colours of pink, red and white with a hint of silver, 'Pack A Punch' replicates the idea of having fun, pushing boundaries and taking it that next step further. It is about fighting for fun and not staying passive. She hopes to encourage her audience to feel excited about her designs, to make them get up and feel productive or inspired to do something silly. Whether it is punching cakes or fashion boxing matches, 'Pack A Punch' is all about having fun and being young no matter how old you are. My Target Audience for this editorial are those between the ages of 18- 60, due to its fun colours and classic cakes that can be consumed at all ages, this editorial is expansive for all those who wish to consume it.
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