Creative director & stylist Lucy Hackett is an emerging young designer and recent graduate of Australia’s Whitehouse Institute of design. Heavily inspired by the landscapes and coastlines of her childhood in NSW’s Northern Rivers, she has formed a unique and consistent design identity, intertwining a worldly creative perspective with raw rural settings. A lifelong interest in fashion, food, travel, and complementary interiors has shaped Lucy’s creative focus and allowed comprehensive development of her styling and photography skills. Lucy’s design projects commonly use vast outdoor landscapes to incorporate natural complexities and minimal storylines across a range of visual mediums, encouraging the viewer to connect with her concepts on a familiar level while also promoting the discovery of new ideas and experiences.

Yamba The Small Town Issue is a lifestyle book combining fashion, food and tourism. Creating a familiar and joyful narrative, this storyline portrays the sense of connection & place experienced by locals as they share inside knowledge on the sleepy seaside town. The editorial explores the town’s natural beauties, tight-knit community and businesses, combining a range of places to eat and activities to enjoy. ‘The Small Town Issue’ showcases the community alongside vibrant pastels and high saturated fashion, allowing the town’s true character and electric undercurrent to shine through. The Yamba issue will invite the audience to explore the carefree atmosphere and spectacular scenes the town flaunts on its shores, creating a destination that visitors will long  to return to, time and time again.
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