Creative Director, photographer and stylist Madeleine Mcardle was born in Ballarat, Victoria. 
Madeleine moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, to pursue a career in the creative industry. 
Madeleine first discovered her passion for photography and styling whilst working abroad in the United States and Europe. However, Madeleine has always possessed an inherent love for art. 
Her work can be described as romantic and coastal with a sense of refined femininity. Her work seeks to inspire feelings of dreamy and nostalgic aesthetics. Madeleine draws inspiration from the organic line and textures we see naturally occurring on the Australian landscape.
 Madeleine is disciplined in Graphic Design, Photography, Creative Direction and Styling. Her bright and open manner enables her to work well collaboratively and injects passion into every project. 

‘’Impose’’ is a lifestyle-focused publication that explores organic textures, light and shadow, sculptural fabrics, and form of the human body. Impose also seeks to evoke a sense of femininity, tranquillity and authenticity throughout the editorial. This work encompasses a display of photography, videography, styling and illustrative elements. 
‘’Impose’’ showcases an interior spaces, coastal elements and sheer fabrics with light. These textures will be present throughout the publication, including ceramics, florals, and timber. These textures will be present using furniture, decor and fabrics. 
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