An Australian fashion designer who grew up on her family farm in South-West NSW. As the fifth generation to call this farm home, Madeline understands the value of learning from her ancestors, and drawing from the experiences of those that have come before her.
With this as her source of inspiration, Madeline highlights inclusivity and the natural environment holding these as pillars throughout her comprehensive and free flowing design process. Madeline aims to emphasise the importance of land stewardship lessons, learned by her family, throughout her design.
After being awarded the Wool Grant by the AWI Madeline was able to provide particular attention to Merino Wool – not only a sustainable natural fibre, but also holding deep personal connections to her family’s farming history.

Nature's Threads communicates a sense of connection to the land. Imagine we loved our land so much that we believe it to be our Mother, something so special and precious that we treat her like our human mother. Growing up on a farm you always felt a connection to nature and this is something that was at the forefront of my mind while designing and envisioning this collection. Wool and silk were used throughout the collection as they are a sustainable natural fibre and especially the use of wool holds a deep connection the farming community. It was important that this collection was created in collaboration with our First Nation Australians particularly First Nations women. The main Indigenous artwork was an interpretation of the farm and its connection to its land and ancestors. 
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