I am an Australian born fashion designer with Afghan roots based in Sydney. From the age of 10, I have been sewing along side my mother.  Enjoying designing, learning how to create garments and exploring all aspects of design from our culture and ancestors.
I started studying at Whitehouse Institute of Design completing a degree in Fashion pursuing my passion for fashion design and desire to leave a mark in the fashion industry promoting my brand Z.A.K.I.A.

The design inspiration for the Z.A.K.I.A. collection has come from a Peacock, the volume of the feathers when it opens up and the vibrant colours on its feathers and neck. The colours for the designs are from the feathers and the silhouette is inspired by the peacock tail. Z.A.K.I.A. means “Pure” and “ Vibrant”, which is the meaning of a peacock in the Afghan culture. The collection is also inspired by the designer’s origins, Afghanistan. The silhouettes used look back to 1950s Kabul  and the time of Queen Soraya. 

She was very influential in fashion, travelling between Afghanistan and Paris regularly. The 1950’s wide circle skirts with fitted bodices and draped details were a heyday of Kabul style. The fabric choices are informed by research in colour, tonal contrast and volume. Beautiful Dupion Silk and Soft Tulle create full sleeves, richly gathered and tucked features and soft sheer volumes. The Z.A.K.I.A. collection showcases glamorous, modern evening wear for formal functions.
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