Madison Georgey is a graduate of the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. She is a stylist, photographer and illustrator with a passion for graphic design, a special interest in sneaker culture and all things wacky and colourful. Two key elements of her design philosophy are relatability and humour; taking something viewers are familiar with and twisting it just enough to surprise them.  Her creative projects pose the question: how beneficial, inclusive and accessible is the post-modern design world, and how can we make it better?

The Expanded 1st Edition of Sole Magazine is a visual journey on which we celebrate the joy of fresh sneakers, cherish our beloved 10, 20 and 50-year old beaten-up pairs and appreciate the innovative and genius design behind some of the world’s most iconic shoes. This version features profiles on creatives, artists & designers, including exclusive interviews & a closer look into what sneakers mean to the people that wear them. Our project aims to capture the essence of a community of people in their element; their creative passions, their location, their personal style and their sneakers.
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