Creative Director, Stylist, and lover of minimalism, Manar EL-SAYED is a Melbourne based Designer, known for her simplicity in shape, color, and style of design, understanding of the world of business, a lifestyle behind her styling, and creating a business in development behind social media image styling. Her love for minimalistic aesthetics helped her develop a style in her years studying Creative Directions and Styling at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Manar uses her skills in photography and styling to create lifestyle figures and illustrations to demonstrate line and direction, Believing in being true to herself, she has always encouraged designers to be themselves, and “To remember why you started”.

Genre, the lifestyle edit, illustrates your life and manifests all that you desire, the simplicity of design we see and effortless concept development that can be created for ourselves as admirers of design, Genre surrounds the empowerment of women in business, ages from 20-50, following onto my client, Camilla Freemon Topper, Studied at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Genre is a lifestyle aesthetic created for women who adore their aesthetic, business style, fashion, and overall lifestyle design, Inspired by Camillas Ready-To-Wear Fall collection 2022. Embracing this elegant touch of aesthetic and styling, simplicity in color tones and styling at its simplest yet made to show off a little bit of Character.

Genre embraces the idea that women growing into the aesthetic design and moving through it can explore this ideal lifestyle aesthetic, through the interior, clothing detail snd accessory design, Beige natural tones, complimentary browns, and solid black, I present to you the modern touch of women empowerment in design, from blazers to long skirts as a compliment, the business effect but also the modernized elegance that comes with this lifestyle, with illustrative qualities we demonstrate a character in aesthetic and design, like seen in Camillas clothing. This simple detailing expresses style and character traits.
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