Marvi has always been drawn to garments that can be styled in different ways, often working with modular fashion code and being able to create numerous garments from one look. Her goal is to create versatile pieces which can be used for any occasions, allowing the garments to be cherished for a long time.
Being fascinated with fabric manipulation, Marvi’s design aesthetic is often described as “classic contemporary with a twist” and focuses on silhouettes that flatters any body type. She has been inspired by how these techniques gives the garment’s depth and texture.
Over the course of the degree, Marvi has received the Designer of the Trimester Award and a Student Award twice at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Apart from this, she has also had the opportunity to showcase her graduate collection at Melbourne Fashion Week.

Perception is a power one must posses internally to be able to see things at a different light.  Initially inspired by Banksy’s mural ‘Valentine’s Day’ that was vandalised soon after it appeared, the concept focuses around the idea of excess and restraint, and the exploration of controlling one’s emotions, begging to ask the question, “when is enough, enough?”. It portrays the complexity of the mind’s ability to navigate one’s perspective amongst the struggles of overwhelming waves of emotions and relays the message of learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The “Power of Perception” collection comprises of bold colours, vibrant prints and an extensive use of fabric manipulation techniques which can be seen throughout, giving the garments depth and texture.
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