Maya Williams Augustincic is a Melbourne-based Fashion Designer, born in Canberra, Australia. Maya underwent previous qualifications in Digital Advertising Technologies at Swinburne University of Technology, prior to commencing an undergraduate design degree at Whitehouse Institute of Design. Maya is inspired by art, technology and nostalgia, and uses these elements to create original fabric prints, contemporary silhouettes and considered colour palettes. Her major source of inspiration can be pinned down to 1990s grunge culture and 1960s whimsicality. She aims to make the wearer feel unique, powerful and expressionistic, by creating unique garments and accessories that add personality and excitement to any wardrobe.

Maya falls into sustainable, inclusive and expressive fashion design sectors, and she does so by aiming to provide ethical and creative garments to diverse groups. She has been included in the Melbourne Fashion Hub 2022/23 program, where these ideas were explored and curated into developing her personal brand, bluejeanorbit, and being a featured designer in the MFH pop-up retail event at Melbourne Emporium in March 2023.

Maya’s graduate collection, titled 'You Are Driving Me Into Manic', is inspired by 90’s grunge, Victorian harlots and human anatomy. These timely influences have created a sense of cool nostalgia and sleaze, and is infused into unassumed silhouettes, creative prints, and high-end textures. 1990s Harajuku culture has a significant influence on the styling, prints and layering of Maya's current works. This collection has a strong focus on sustainable elements, all while exploring reconstructed ideas, deconstructed features, and refined details. A range of recycled fabric prints, deadstock materials, and up-cycled fabrics have been utilised, as sustainability is a key feature throughout this collection, and she aims to further develop ethical sustainability practices throughout her design career and personal brand bluejeanorbit.
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