Megan Little is a graduate of the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. She focuses her talents on drawing, photography and styling. Megan has been interested in design from a young age and uses creativity as a form of self-expression. She uses film and music as inspiration for her work and loves incorporating themes of water in her work which stems from her childhood by the beach. Over the years she has adapted to a minimalist lifestyle which is reflected in her design approach.

Squeaky Clean is a self-care story focusing on the behind-the-scenes of our daily routines. It is inspired by the beauty standards that are placed on us in today's society. It is an exploration of how we can become so obsessed with the way we look. We tend to tear apart every single thing about our appearance and forget to focus on the things we love about ourselves. This project was about capturing the natural state of both people and products to show the rawness of our lives.
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